About the Bath Wizard

I use Silicon Carbide sanding disks. (leave out wet and dry sanding paper)

My technique is similar to what they do in the marble, granite and stone trade. We all use German-made Flex Polishing Machines, which are designed to be used with water. But whereas they use diamond discs in the stone trade, I use Silicon Carbide wet and dry sanding paper, two grades for cleaning and finer grades for polishing.

I use specialist products to deal with lime scale, staining and rust. Enamel repairs are not easy and inevitably somewhat cosmetic, getting an exact colour match with enamel paint being tricky.

In the past I have travelled to all corners of the United Kingdom and Ireland but now only work in Scotland.

Stuff We Do Best

Bath Resurfacing 95%
Bath Polishing 100%
Enamel Repairs 88%
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bath tab img 3

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