The Bath Wizard – Established 2002. Cast iron bath restoration including cleaning and polishing,lime scale removal, stain removal, rust removal and enamel repairs.Belfast sinks – Cleaning, stain removal and porcelain repairs. All of Scotland covered.

Why choose Bath Polishing

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  • Bath Polishing will restore your bath to its former glory
    and give it a new lease of life.
  • All work is done in situ so no need to remove the bath.
  • The process takes only a matter of hours with no mess.
  • Good value for money.

What We Do


Bath Restoration

If your bath is difficult to clean, rough or scratched or the colour is dull and stained, our unique form of bath restoration, we can return it to its original condition.
chip repair

Enamel Repairs

We can do enamel repairs on cast iron and Belfast sinks.
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Bath Polishing

Unique method of Bath Polishing will restore your bath to its former glory without the need to re-enamel.

About Bath Polishing

I use specialist products to deal with lime scale, staining and rust. Enamel repairs are not easy and inevitably somewhat cosmetic, getting an exact colour match with enamel paint being tricky.

In the past I have travelled to all corners of the United Kingdom and Ireland but now only work in Scotland Services.


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